Join the Crystal Rockers Club!

Do you love to:
  • Carry crystals in your pockets or bag?
  • Place crystals under your pillow or by your bedside table?
  • Rock crystal jewelry like rings, pendants, necklaces?
  • Have crystals all around your home and office?
  • Can't leave the house without some type of crystal on or near you?
  • Love to meditate with a crystal buddy or set intentional crystal grids?
If so, you my dear - are a shining star! A Crystal Rocker! 

When you sign up for the Crystal Rockers Club list you'll get exclusive discounts, shop updates and occasional holistic healing tips to live a rock star life! When you sign-up and confirm your email, you'll receive 10% off your first order! I send about one email a month so don't worry, no email inundation will go on!

Much love and keep shining,

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